It’s trash… there I’m done.

Okay let’s actually talk about the book itself for a bit. First I don’t give any sort of number rating I don’t believe this sort of media can be boiled down to numbers.  I also believe that of Art, Video Games, Plays, and basically any other sort of objective medium.  Technology gets numbers; not art.

I have to admit when I first heard about a Deadpool MAX series I was excited.  This, I thought, is where Deadpool belongs in a mature-rated environment that they can go for maximum blood, gore, violence and situations.  What I got instead was Bob going through his own poop, homo-eroticism everywhere and a book that doesn’t seem mature more than just vulgar.

I’m a fan of the Marvel MAX imprint,  Punisher Born for example was a great mature tale that took us into the Punisher in a way few comics did.  War is Hell took an old hero and gave him an modern interpretation that was amazing and well constructed.  US War Machine gave us a great view of a “real world” style War Machine and SHIELD.  Well all that hard work of establishing MAX as a serious and gritty title has been thrown away with Deadpool MAX.

Instead we are left with a lot of “maturity” left there for the sake of calling it a MAX title.  Deadpool is now a CIA Agent (I have no problem with this) trying to take down the Great Hydra (also no problem with this.)  But don’t blink or you’ll see that he captured Osama Bin Laden a few years back.  The worst part though is that Deadpool is barely even in it.  Instead the story is about Bob (Agent of HYDRA in the 616) and his attempt to infilitrate Hammerhead’s operation.  Oh, by the way, Hammerhead’s operation is basically a large hotel brothel that Bob has been working as a male prostitute for.  Bob makes a mold of Hammerhead’s office key and hides it in his own feces.  Which we get to see him dig it out of because “Oh that’s edgy!” What is this, “Oz?”

When Deadpool finally does show up it’s after “he’s been killed,” and Bob is left to pick up the pieces.  Of course Deadpool isn’t actually dead and we get to see Hammerhead kill Bob’s John but none of this really matters.   Why doesn’t it matter?  Because the plot never goes anywhere.  By the end of the issue it’s just sort of meandering around wondering if it should actually progress at all.  Then ultimately decides to end on a “cliffhanger”

The writing is honestly atrocious, the worst I’ve read in a long time because I can’t find anything redeemable about it.  He even makes an offensive joke mid way through to prove how “edgy” the comic is.  Maybe I don’t get it, maybe I’m too mature for this kind of comic; but it’s MAX, it’s supposed to be for mature people.  Instead the writing just comes off as a 12-year-old writing a fan fiction of the character and adding all the things he thinks is “mature.”

David Lapham is a great writer so this confuses me.  His work on Spider-Man: With Great Power was amazing and added layers of story to an already great character.  Where is this man?  Why is he writing like this?  This is the man who wrote 5 issues based on virtually nothing more than Spider-Man’s pro-wrestling career and yet now we are getting “boobies” jokes and “Nothing, you told her twice” jokes?  I haven’t been more disappointed in a writer since Paul Dini decided his shit didn’t stink (Gotham City Sirens.)  Also… leave Outlaw out of this!  She’s being used well in Deadpool Pulp don’t ruin her in Deadpool MAX.

It should be noted that the art in this comic is horrible.  Kyle Baker is a good artist but this time he seems to be phoning it in at least and sabotaging the comic at most.  I loved his work in Truth: Red, White & Black, but here he never real settles down into a serious style that the MAX stories are know for and it just comes of as quickly doodled rather than true comic art.  He even draws his own characters inconsistantly as Bob is drawn as a scrawny guy one panel only to be heavily muscled the next.

Basically I view this comic as a test from Marvel.  Will fans buy anything that they put the Deadpool name on?  Mostly yeah, heck I bought the prelude the Deadpool Corps always wishing the next one would be better, and it never came.

However with Deadpool, Deadpool Team-Up, and Deadpool Pulp all having superior art and writing I cannot imagine this series will last past four issues.  Me, I’d rather it end next issue but considering I’ve seen IGN and other “reputable” places giving it high marks I can’t imagine that will happen.

The only way this series will get another shot with me is if they add in Agent X.